My personal random reflections on Sigil Magic based on experience.

- Know that you need to detach/surrender vs. “forget”. - Believe that the universe is already on it’s way to fulfilling it. So shut up and stop worrying you silly child you.

-Acknowledge the realm of possibility before undertaking the sigil - So no to having  gold bars suddenly descending from the heavens/developing Astral Projection overnight/Levitation/Telekinesis/Being a supahstah/seeing  fairies in your flower garden because you want to feel happy and freeeeeeeee.

-Think of what you want carefully - SO IMPORTANT. Sometimes we really don’t want what we ‘think’ we want. Always contemplate and meditate on your desires first and see if you really need it. 

-You WILL ALWAYS get what you expect to receive - And it is always in a way you least expect. Expect success, you will get it. Expect failure, you will get it as well.

-There are actually no rules - only your beliefs limit you


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